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THRIVE Community School

Located in Santa Fe, THRIVE Community School is a STEAM- (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) focused school that intentionally aims to serve a diverse population of students. THRIVE Community School was launched by founding teacher, Amy Chacon, who previously taught Special Education in Santa Fe Public Schools; Executive Director, Sean Duncan, who has 15+ years of experience as a teacher, leader, and school psychologist; Angelia Moore, who previously led school improvement efforts as a principal in Santa Fe Public Schools; and Julie Lucero, who previously led the Special Education department in Santa Fe Public Schools. Excellent Schools New Mexico provided startup capital to support the launch of THRIVE Community School.

"THRIVE has been an amazing experience for my son and a wonderful community for our family to join. My son is excited to go to school every morning and full of stories about his day every afternoon. He has grown so much this year not only academically, but socially and emotionally as well. The students are challenged, respected, and valued, giving them the confidence and skills they need to succeed.”

THRIVE Community School Parent

  • Co-Founders and School Leaders: Amy Chacon, Sean Duncan (School Leader), Angelia Moore, and Julie Lucero
  • Opened: 2022
  • Location: Santa Fe
  • Grades Served: Grades K-2 and 6 in 2022-23; Grades K-8 by 2024-2025
  • Type of Investment: New school start-up
  • Impact: 600 new, quality school seats for New Mexico students

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