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Solare Collegiate Charter School

Located on Albuquerque’s Southwest Mesa, Solare Collegiate Charter School prides itself on being an academically ambitious, purposefully structured, and consistently kind school community, with a strong focus on literacy, character, and student voice.

Solare Collegiate Charter School was founded by Rachael Sewards, who was previously a ‘Highly Effective’ teacher at Cochiti Middle School in Peña Blanca and served as a founding middle school teacher at The ASK Academy in Rio Rancho.

Ms. Sewards participated in the prestigious Building Excellent Schools (BES) Fellowship, which trains strong leaders to build and launch a high-achieving school that responds to the needs of its community.

Excellent Schools New Mexico provided funding to support Ms. Sewards’ BES Fellowship and provided start-up capital to help launch Solare Collegiate Charter School.

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  • Founder and School Leader: Rachael Sewards
  • Opened: 2019
  • Location: Albuquerque
  • Grades Served: Grades 5-8
  • Type of Investment: New school start-up
  • Impact: 420 new, quality school seats for New Mexico students

Help us ensure that all New Mexico children can access a world-class public school education

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