School Investment

East Mountain High School

Located in Sandia Park, East Mountain High School currently serves students in grades 9-12, most of whom reside in Albuquerque’s East Mountain communities. East Mountain High School is one of the oldest charter schools in New Mexico, having been founded in 1999. The school was named a National Blue Ribbon School in 2018 and is a NMPED designated “Spotlight School”, ranking among the highest-performing public schools in New Mexico.

In 2023, Excellent Schools New Mexico provided growth capital to help East Mountain High School expand its enrollment in response to strong community demand for more quality public school options in the East Mountains.

"My husband and I chose East Mountain High School because we knew our children would not only receive a great education, but also because EMHS has a strong community that treats teachers, staff, and students with integrity and respect. In our family, we now have an engineer, a computer specialist, a future teacher, and a daughter who is a senior this year. This was in great part due to the community and staff that showed my children how to navigate not just high school but life."

East Mountain High School Parent

  • School Leader: Trey Smith
  • Expanding: 2025
  • Location: Sandia Park
  • Grades Served: Grades 9-12
  • Type of Investment: Enrollment expansion
  • Impact: 150 new, quality school seats for New Mexico students

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