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Albuquerque Collegiate Charter School

Located in Albuquerque's South Valley, Albuquerque Collegiate Charter School believes that college preparation begins in kindergarten. The school is designed to provide a structured, supportive environment that offers high-quality instruction to all students with an expanded focus on literacy and mathematics.

Albuquerque Collegiate Charter School was founded by Albuquerque native Jade Rivera, who participated in the prestigious Building Excellent Schools (BES) Fellowship, which trains strong leaders to build and launch a high-achieving school that responds to the needs of its community.

Excellent Schools New Mexico provided funding to support Ms. Rivera's BES Fellowship and provided start-up capital to help launch Albuquerque Collegiate Charter School. In its first year, Albuquerque Collegiate Charter School was a NMPED designated "Spotlight School" and ranked among the top ten percent of all New Mexico public schools in reading proficiency, reading proficiency growth, and family satisfaction.

"Albuquerque Collegiate is the best educational decision that we've made for our daughter. She loves school and is excited to learn! The care and expertise of the teachers and staff is unsurpassed! I truly believe Albuquerque Collegiate has instilled a love of learning into our daughter that I know will last a lifetime. Without a doubt, Albuquerque Collegiate was the best choice for her!"

Albuquerque Collegiate Charter School Parent

Albuquerque Collegiate

  • Founder and School Leader: Jade Rivera
  • Opened: 2018
  • Location: Albuquerque
  • Grades Served:  K-5
  • Type of Investment: New school start-up
  • Impact: 360 new, quality school seats for New Mexico students

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